In his book, HEAD NORTH: Finding Happiness through True Wealth, Kevin Engbers, CFP® aspires to lead you on a journey for a more complete and fulfilling life.


With over three decades experience as a wealth advisor to thousands of people from all income levels, Kevin asks readers to dig deep and explore what matters most in their lives, and then helps them map out possible journeys to their pinnacle of wealth.  Kevin shares with readers his family’s experiences and the lessons taught to him by his dad.  Lessons in happiness at resort in Northern Minnesota called Happiness.  

“Happiness is a journey.  Knowing where your headed, and understanding if the road you’re on can potentially get you there is foundational to discovering balance in life.”, writes Kevin in his inspirational and valuable book. 

“Happiness resides at the intersection of your physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial health,” according to Engbers.   The book asks compelling questions that strive to help you align these areas in your life and can lead you to enjoying life’s greatest moments and sharing them with those relationships most important to you.  Calibrate your moral compass, find your north, and set a course for true wealth and a happier balanced life.  

In HEAD NORTH: Finding Happiness through True Wealth, Engbers urges readers with insights and personal anecdotes as you find the right road to your north.   This book will make you smile and inspire you to discover your north.   Once you discover what moves you, he is in a better position to help move you in the right direction.