Biggest Mistake

  Nik Aamlid, CFP®, CAP®, Wealth Advisor, shares the biggest financial mistake he’s seen people make and how to avoid it for yourself. Regardless of where you’re at in your personal financial planning journey, our team can help. The Pinnacle Wealth team is driven by service and a desir …

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Will Vs. Trust

  Part of a comprehensive financial plan is having a specific plan in place for what happens to your assets after someone passes. While you might be familiar with the terms ‘will’ and ‘trust’ – do you know the difference? Nik Aamlid, CFP®, CAP®, Wealth Advisor, talks about the pr …

First Three Steps of Financial Planning

There are seven steps to the financial planning process and we’re breaking them down for you because all seven are equally important and you need all seven to provide a comprehensive plan. Nik Aamlid, CFP®, CAP®, Wealth Advisor, breaks down the first three steps in the process and why havin …

Should I Invest or Pay Off Debt?

It’s an age-old debate: Should I invest or should I pay off debt with extra money in my budget? In this video, Wealth Advisor Ryan Ovenden explains the principles of debt and risk management, as well as providing examples for people on how to approach their financial futures.

How To Survive An Anaconda Attack

Believe it or not, surviving an anaconda attack is much like surviving a bear market. Both are fairly terrifying, but don’t have to be.

Planning & Perspective: How are You Buying Your Bananas?

How does 50 degrees sound on a day like today? Your response to that question might depend on whether you’ve been living in the Midwest all winter or if you’re returning from a southern getaway where temps are much more favorable. Our CEO and Wealth Advisor Kevin Engbers, CFP®, CEPA®, talks …

Driver’s Education and How to Navigate the Road to True Wealth

Life comes at you fast: Kevin Engbers, CFP®, CEPA®, Founder, CEO and Wealth Advisor, recently got the call that his eldest granddaughter is learning to drive. Recalling his own drivers’ education experience with his father, Kevin shares some key lessons that also apply to navigating the cur …

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