True Wealth

By Kevin Engbers, CFP®

“‘This book is for people thinking about wealth building as a personal responsibility, not merely personal prosperity. People who have a goal in mind that money will help them achieve, but where money is not the focus.” – Kevin Engbers, CFP®, CEPA®, Wealth Advisor and CEO & Founder of Pinnacle Wealth.

“True Wealth: Financial Training for Every Stage of Life” is Kevin Engbers’ second book and focuses on putting feet to his first book, “Head North.” Using the nine principles of True Wealth, this book provides the framework designed to guide you in building a financial wealth plan throughout the different stages of your life. Using the “True Wealth Plumbline Process” workbook alongside this read allows you to improve your financial confidence so you can confidently enjoy.

You will find lessons for each age group you can use to teach someone else or revisit and relearn techniques you may have forgotten or missed along the way. “True Wealth” introduces each life stage, The Repeaters (ages 0-10), The Challengers (ages 11-20), The Launchers (ages 21-30), The Jugglers (ages 31-45), The Builders (ages 46-62), The Leapers (ages 62-75) and The Legacy Leaders (ages 76+). Each life stage has a distinct timeline, challenges, victories and stepping stones that will lead to not only building wealth, but building it true. “

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Head North

By Kevin Engbers, CFP®

In HEAD NORTH: Finding Happiness through True Wealth, Engbers urges readers with insights and personal anecdotes as you calibrate your moral compass and uncover the right road to your north.   This book will make you smile and inspire you to make the journey north and uncover the nine principles of True Wealth.

Learn to live a life inspired by your passions and purpose so that you might find peace in knowing your life matters.   Your moral compass can help you navigate the changing winds of life so you are better prepared for the expected and unexpected life events.  Once you discover what moves you, we are in a better position to help move you in the right direction.

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Proven in the Trenches

The face of financial services has evolved – and, along with it, the very nature of financial advice. In an increasingly complex world where people are starving for someone they can trust, the time has come for financial advisors to rise to the occasion and reinvent the value they provide to better serve their clients. Of course, to make this evolutionary leap, advisors require a proven, time-tested strategy. A methodology established by one of the most successful advisors in the country and backed by decades of real-world application among thousands of advisors across the country.

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The Sustainable Edge

Achieving the “Sustainable Edge” is not solely about creating a business where you can fulfill your passions. It also means having time for the three or four other things in your life you are passionate about. By narrowing your focus to just a few passions, you will enjoy your life more than if you try to pursue twenty passions at once. We will help you do that through the ideas and lessons taught in this book. Buy “Sustainable Edge” by Ron Carson & Scott Ford:

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Rewirement: Rewiring The Way You Think About Retirement!

Common misconceptions, assumptions, and behavioral biases often prevent people from building robust and flexible retirement plans—and this is an enormous problem. If you don’t know your decisions are based on false assumptions, how can you avoid making serious mistakes?

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Ron Carson is the co-author of Avalanche: The 9 Principles for Uncovering True Wealth. This book inspires its readers to discover True Wealth by going through Ron’s BluePrinting process to help advisors understand their life goals and objectives. This profound tale is your field guide for redefining success and creating True Wealth in your life and in the lives of the people you love.

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