Tax Planning Strategies for Executive Compensation

By Mike Valenti, CPA, CFP®, Director, Tax Planning Corporate executives often receive the brunt of the U.S. tax system. Typically, most or all of their income is W-2 income and subject to the higher ordinary tax rates as well as FICA taxes. W-2 employees currently are unable to deduct home …

Tax Planning for Executive Compensation

Tax planning for executive compensation doesn’t have to be confusing. Watch our webinar: Tax Planning for Executive Compensation with Carson’s Director, Tax Planning Mike Valenti and Wealth Planner Michael Gruidel, now available on-demand. 

Executive Compensation Plans: Common Elements

Executive compensation plans can be used to attract, retain and reward high value employees. We’ve put together helpful information to know if you’re ever offered one of these plans through your employer. Download the checklist today to get started.

Stock Options, Explained: Incentive Stock Options vs. Non-Qualified Stock Options

Companies may grant employees stock options as a form of noncash compensation. This allows the employees to purchase shares of the employer’s stock at a given price after a predetermined period of time has passed. The intent of stock option compensation is to align the interests of the empl …

6 Tips to Create a Healthier Relationship With Money

Does the word “sale” send you running to your wallet? How many half-priced clothes hang in your closet with the tag still on? How many uncomfortable shoes did you buy solely because they were on sale? When thinking about money, do you feel stressed? Tense? Controlling? Confused? Like you ha …

Every Penny Counts: A Money Management Worksheet for Teens

Encourage wise spending and savings habits by helping your child learn to manage their money mindfully. This worksheet will show them how. Download the guide today to get started.

Investing in Your Child’s Financial Future: Helping Kids Develop Strong Money Management Skills

Gaining financial literacy at a young age is a vital key to finding financial freedom later in life. Give your kids the lessons they need now to make better decisions about money in the future.

Planning & Perspective: How are You Buying Your Bananas?

How does 50 degrees sound on a day like today? Your response to that question might depend on whether you’ve been living in the Midwest all winter or if you’re returning from a southern getaway where temps are much more favorable. Our CEO and Wealth Advisor Kevin Engbers, CFP®, CEPA®, talks …

Current Housing Market

There’s a lot of information flying around related to the housing market and interest rates. Wealth Advisor Nik Aamlid, CAP® shares some things to consider as you navigate housing decisions in our current climate.   *******  

Quarterback Of Your Finances

Have you built a team to support and nurture your financial goals? Consider our team at Pinnacle Wealth QB1. We’re here to truly quarterback your plan. Wealth Advisor Nik Aamlid, CAP® explains how our advisors are designed to be your *one* phone call to give you more time and more financial …

Building a Program

So many of us are locked into football during this time of year. But how is building a football program similar to building success in your financial life? Wealth Advisor Nik Aamlid, CAP® talks teams, building a “program” and finding success in 2023.

8 Legitimate Tax Loopholes You May Be Missing

3 Methods to Not Run Out of Money

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