Investing in Your Child’s Financial Future: Helping Kids Develop Strong Money Management Skills

Gaining financial literacy at a young age is a vital key to finding financial freedom later in life. Give your kids the lessons they need now to make better decisions about money in the future.

Driver’s Education and How to Navigate the Road to True Wealth

Life comes at you fast: Kevin Engbers, CFP®, CEPA®, Founder, CEO and Wealth Advisor, recently got the call that his eldest granddaughter is learning to drive. Recalling his own drivers’ education experience with his father, Kevin shares some key lessons that also apply to navigating the cur …

2023 New Year Goal Setting

As we start a new year, the Pinnacle Wealth team is taking some time to set goals for 2023. New Year’s Resolutions are great but if the resolutions lack a thoughtful plan you’re committed to, it can be really challenging to maintain the routines that lead to achieving the goals you’ve set in place.

“From The Heart” Panel — Finding Your Freedom (Oct. 20, 2022)

Led by our key advisors, this panel titled “From the Heart” is an exploration of our team’s origin story and mission. Each advisor talked about their personal path to Pinnacle and their passion for leading these relationships. We believe that getting to the heart is the core of trust.  Chao …

My True Wealth with Ryan Ovenden

Here at Pinnacle Wealth we talk often about finding True Wealth. Wealth differs from person to person. If we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned that everyone has their own definition of what constitutes “true wealth.” Ryan Ovenden, Wealth Advisor, has a unique outlook of what it means in th …

Finding Your Freedom Intro Keynote (Oct. 20, 2022)

On October 20, 2022, our Pinnacle Wealth team hosted an event called “Finding Your Freedom: Through Chaos and Calm.” Kevin Engbers (CFP®, CEPA® Founder, CEO, Wealth Advisor) started the evening with an introduction to the event, as well as some numbers that are meaningful to him. His full i …

Burt White keynote

Burt White, Carson Group Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, traveled to Sioux Falls, SD to deliver our keynote on October 20, 2022 at our event called “Finding Your Freedom: Through Chaos and Calm.” His presentation was compelling and inspiring.  We appreciate Burt sharing his wis …

Financial Resolutions to Take Into the New Year

Tom Fridrich, JD, CLU, ChFC®, Senior Wealth Planner Thinking about making some New Year’s resolutions? Add financial wellbeing to your list. It’s a terrific time to identify goals and opportunities that may put you in a better financial position — not only in the upcoming year, …

Our Definition of “True Wealth”

Kevin Engbers CFP®, Founder and Wealth Advisor, uncovers our firm’s deepest belief — that wealth isn’t wealth by finances alone. We believe in True Wealth. What is “True Wealth,” you ask?

What Makes Us Different?

When looking for a financial advisor, what criteria do you look for? At Pinnacle Wealth, we believe that working in tandem with our clients is superior.  After all, the path to finding freedom is a journey and every individual comes to us with different goals, destinations, and obstacles th …

Where is the Money Tree? How to Teach Kids About Money, Credit Cards, Saving, Investing, Venmo and More

Craig Lemoine, Director of Consumer Investment Research      Ask kids what they think money is, and you get some interesting responses.  Over the last month, I asked my friends, family and neighbors if I could pose a question to their children about money. Their answers covered it all …

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