How to Finish Strong this Tax Planning Season

Like gardening or working out, tax planning is one of those activities where you get out of it what you put into it. Plenty of us have a weight bench gathering dust in the garage that hasn’t gotten us into any better shape, or a plot in the backyard that just won’t grow anything because …
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5 Things to Watch in the First Quarter of 2021

Have you found yourself officing in a room with a bunk bed? Do you realize you’re going to the store in your pajamas and never leaving your car? Does going to the movies mean going to the living room to turn on the TV? Quarantine changed the world almost overnight, and the adjustment is so …

3 Steps to a Solid Financial Foundation in 2021

In many ways, 2020 may have been the “reset” we needed in order to become better stewards of our time, talents, resources and relationships. A pandemic, protests, a contentious election, the nearly full shutdown of the world economy, school and work from home, nearly all public activities a …

Bucketing: A Great Way to Mitigate Risk in a Crazy World

Has the stock market ever caused you to feel anxious, or even fearful? If you have investments and access to the internet, chances are the answer is yes. Too often, we turn toward products in search of a safe place for our money during volatile times, but you’ll find that there aren’t any f …

4 Steps to Hit Your Financial Target

All of us have targets we are trying to hit. For some, that means you are walking the fields in the fall wearing hunter’s orange, or maybe you are on the golf course. For others, that means you are building a business or working on personal growth.

17 Things You Need to Know About the New Stimulus Package

Congress passed the new $900 billion economic relief and spending bill on Monday. While most of the focus has been on a second round of relief payments to most Americans, there is plenty more in the 5,000-plus pages of the stimulus package.

Is Stress Stealing Your Personal and Financial Happiness?

Have you noticed from your Facebook or Twitter feeds that people just don’t seem to be happy anymore? The demands placed on our families due to COVID-19 and lack of control in many areas of our lives has exponentially elevated stress levels.
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8 Legitimate Tax Loopholes You May Be Missing

8 Legitimate Tax Loopholes You May Be Missing

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