Meet Kevin


Kevin is the Founder and CEO at Pinnacle Wealth, a comprehensive wealth planning firm in Sioux Falls, SD. When Kevin founded Pinnacle Wealth he was committed to help people pursue a higher pinnacle of wealth he called True Wealth. He wanted the foundation to be based on a simple principle: to help people improve their financial confidence, so they could confidently enjoy life.

Kevin began his financial services career in 1987. It has always been his focus be a trusted resource for regular people. Kevin continues to assemble a team that is inspired to deliver a culture that is refreshingly different from most advisors and the firms they represent. Many advisors have trained the consumer through minimum net worth or investable asset requirements as if the term wealth should be reserved for the financial elite. Kevin is very passionate about providing an organization committed to helping all levels of net worth provided common core values, investment philosophies and beliefs exists.

Kevin and his wife Linda have been married since 1979 and have four sons. When not at the office, Kevin enjoys family time, especially loving (and spoiling) his grandchildren. He also enjoys boating, basketball, Big 10 sports (Go Hawkeyes!)

Kevin’s Philosophy: Be driven by your purpose, Stick to your core values. Be accountable through your goals, cherish relationships, value health, find ways to be compassionate with the world, and be open to wise counselors.

  •  A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner since 1998
  •  Financial Planning Association Member
  •  True Wealth Consultant



Favorite Food:

Italian, American, Chinese, Spanish…… Yeah it’s a problem

Favorite quote:

“Understanding the difference between information and fact is knowledge. When knowledge encounters the experiences of life, you can obtain wisdom’

Best piece of financial advice received:

“It’s not what you make, but what you do with what you make, that often makes the difference.”

Favorite Holiday:

Valentine’s Day

Favorite Movie:

“The Man from Snowy River”

Favorite College:

University of Iowa- followed by all other Big Ten Schools

Bucket list:

Enjoy time in all of the 50 states

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