Meet Rocco


As Director of Exercise and Stress Management, Rocco promotes exercise and stress management as authorized. His side eye look, artistic ball catching display, stiff leg-walk or post fetch ball dribble has brought smiles, smirks, and guffaw’s to all ages. He continues to remind us that what we do should be fun, and joy doesn’t come from what we get, but from what we do to better the lives of others.

Rocco hails from Tennessee and is indebted to Troopers Treasure for his rescue and transfer to South Dakota. His ethnic diversity required testing to verify a unique heritage of Keeshond, Rat Terrier, Beagle, Bloodhound, Doberman Pinscher, and German Shorthaired Pointer. Known for his Hawkeye howl following touchdowns or b-ball dunks, Rocco will soon have you rooting for the Black and Gold. His passion for increasing his vertical leap despite his build and lack of athletic ability is an inspiration to everyone.

Rocco resides with Kevin and Linda, and works primarily from home.