3 Inspiring Stories for How You Can Give Creatively

Giving is about way more than simply cutting checks and tossing a few coins into the offering plate on Sundays.

In this video, Wealth Advisor Nik Aamlid, CAP® provides for us three [3] creative ways we can consider giving — with personal stories provided for each.  Many of these stories happened here in South Dakota.

Remember, all giving and generosity starts in two places:

  • A recognition of a need.
  • A desire to meet that need.

A giver does not need to have the ability to earn a large income or have high cash flows to be charitable. It’s time to get creative!


1:22 – #1 – The Non-Profit Sustained by a Donated Corporate Office

3:29 – #2 – The Farmer Who Used His Land for Giving

5:00 – #3 – The Giving Fund Set Up at the Grain Elevator

Connecting With Community | Nik Aamlid on Generosity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OgyhUz4-N0&t=1s

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