The Runner’s Training Plan: A Race to Any Goal

When I first started running, I didn’t have a training plan in place. I simply did it because I enjoyed it and it was a great workout. Then I ran my first race – a half marathon. I experienced my first runner’s high and I was hooked. The energy, community and competition all compiled into one morning was awesome. Being able to push myself alongside thousands of other people working towards the same goal, crossing that finish line, was motivating.

The day after that first half marathon, my wife and I started browsing for our next race. Before we knew it, we had another one on the calendar. From that point forward, there has always been a race on the calendar to look forward to and to train for.

With the first few races our only goal was to cross the finish line but that quickly shifted to include goal times for completing the run. This was when I knew I needed to plan ahead and start creating training plans to help me work toward my goals.

When I create my training plan, I put the race and my goal time at the top of the page as a daily reminder of what I’m working towards; why I’m pushing myself every day. These goals are why I get up early to go on a run and why I continue to run on sore, tired legs. These goals are why I keep running even when it hurts. They’re what keep me motivated and driven leading up to the next race.

Identifying the goal keeps me going even when it’s hard but simply setting it doesn’t get me any closer to reaching it. It’s the plan itself that gets me there. It’s the daily training and pushing myself to complete each run that makes me a stronger runner and, in turn, brings me closer to reaching that goal.

Goals are essential if there’s something you’re looking to achieve. They act as motivation and a clear reminder of where you’re headed. The plan is what gets you there. The plan lays out the steps needed in order to reach the goal and track progress along the way.

This applies to all areas of life. It can be relational – to be a better spouse or friend. It can be financial – pay off mortgage or save for retirement. It can be professional – getting a promotion or finding your dream job.

Not every step in the plan is easy but keeping the goal top-of-mind is important in staying motivated and driven. Whatever your goal is, it is the plan that lays the roadmap to get you there. What goals do you have that you need to start planning for? And what steps do you need to outline to get there?

If you have financial goals that feel out of reach or you’re unsure of the steps needed in order to reach those goals: consider us your training plan and your guide on the journey to True Wealth.


Click here to learn more about what we mean when we talk about True Wealth. We also invite you to get in touch with our team to learn more about our financial planning process and how we can build a plan designed to reach your goals.


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