What Does True Wealth Mean to Me?

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Around the office at Carson Wealth, you may often hear Ron Carson describe True Wealth as “all the things that money can’t buy and death can’t take away.”  

I believe True Wealth is being able to get up every morning, feeling good and ready to find out what new and interesting things the new day will bring. 


True Wealth truly starts with attitude and physical health. I saw a commercial recently for Fitbit; I’m sure you’ve all seen the wrist bands that measure just about everything going on with you but your weight…thank goodness! The gentleman in the commercial looked at his Fitbit to see his heart rate and the comment was, “make every beat count”. This couldn’t be more true. I know many of us have lost loved ones, and many too soon, or have had those “woulda, coulda, shoulda moments”. So, what feels good to you that makes life fun, enjoyable and puts a smile on your face? It might be having more than a job- a career, that fulfills your creativity, challenges you mentally and surrounds you with people that have similar goals and objectives like you. It might be connecting with family members and friends near and far. True Wealth is having the health and ability to do the things, whether they are big or small events in our lives, to say yes, I’m glad I did that.

True Wealth doesn’t have to cost a lot, or maybe nothing at all. We are getting ready for our annual “bring your dog to work” day and the office has been buzzing all week with talk of who is bringing their dog, or dogs, and which breeds are they. We’ve heard that the rescue center we are collecting donations for will be bringing puppies in to show off; what will they look like? Although this is a work day, but we may not be as productive as we usually are; I think most of my co-stakeholders would agree with me that this is a True Wealth day!

It’s true that many of our clients are considered ‘high net worth’, but you would never know it if you passed them on the street. We may tell you in our initial meetings that as you interview us, we are interviewing you as well to see if we are a good “fit”. If we both agree, then we are on our way to a True Wealth relationship. We want to be able to help you pursue your goals, but we also want to develop a fun and friendly relationship that will give all of us great memories and the experiences that “money can’t buy and death can’t take away.” In the 24 years I have been with Carson Wealth Management, I have made many True Wealth memories with many of you, our valued clients.


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