What Matters More? The Summit or the Sunrise?

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A Hiker’s Financial Planning Lesson

My wife and I were recently in the Phoenix area celebrating our wedding anniversary. If you know us, we love to be outdoors doing stuff…whether it is running, walking, biking, hiking, you name it. We were very excited to enjoy the Arizona weather and adventure outside the flat Midwest to explore a place we had never been before.

We had been eyeing a few hikes for weeks leading up to the trip. The first morning we were there we woke up before five a.m. to get out to the trailhead with the goal of hiking to the peak of the mountain to watch the sunrise. We had it all mapped out and were ready to start the trip off strong. Everything was going to plan until we get to the base of the mountain and the trail was gated off and locked.

As it turns out: the trail opens at sunrise.

Nevertheless, we were still excited to hike the mountain and determined to make it to the top while the sun was still rising to see the orange and red colors over the beautiful landscape. With that timeline crunched, I was focused on getting to the peak.

As we were making our way up, Lauren stopped me and told me to pause and look around. I was amazed. The sun was rising behind us and the views were incredible. I was so determined to get to the top of the mountain that I was missing the sunrise on the way up.

It left me thinking about how we often do that with our finances. We have a great goal we are working towards – paying off a mortgage, reaching a particular net worth, maximizing our income, paying off student loans, etc. These goals are great and worthwhile. They take intentionality, drive, and planning. But sometimes we find ourselves so focused on that goal that we miss what is happening around us; we miss an opportunity to enjoy the journey in an effort to reach the destination.

At Pinnacle, our main focus is on guiding our clients as they determine their goals and then creating a plan to help get them there. Having a clear plan in place that you feel confident in is a game changer. A financial plan gives you the freedom to stop worrying about if you are on track and allows you to confidently enjoy life along the way.

That is what True Wealth is to me – confidently enjoying life. I believe God calls us to things in life that require planning, drive, and intentionality. But I also believe that He wants us to be present.

After Lauren reminded me to slow down and enjoy the journey, I can say the hike to the summit was almost as satisfying as the view from the top.

If you need a partner to create a financial plan designed to allow you to enjoy the journey and not just the destination, we invite you to reach out to our team at Pinnacle Wealth.

Schedule a meeting online, send us an email or call our team. We’re here for you on your path to a life confidently enjoyed.

Get to know Ethan Brouwer, Associate Wealth Advisor: https://www.pinnaclewealth.com/team-members/ethan-brouwer/


What Matters More_The Summit or the Sunrise

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